Who we are


RIMAR was founded in 1965 by Horácio Ribeiro and Estefânia Martins Guerreiro and now has the collaboration of their children and successors.


 Embalagens Rimar


Rimar features modern industrial equipment and a team of skilled personnel in the manufacture of food packages.



We present in the market an extensive and innovative range of quality products, at a competitive price, which has contributed much to a good position in the national and international markets.



We have different packages of paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum for different areas such as: pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants, take away, pizzerias, catering companies and even an exclusive range for supermarkets.


Embalagens Rimar

Paper and cardboard packages 

Plastic and aluminum packages


We also commercialize dyes and food flavoringsas well as decorations for cakes.



For more information call 219 943 877.


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Rimar-Ribeiro & Martins Guerreiro Lda
(Santa Iria de Azoia, São João da Talha e Bobadela)
São João da Talha - Rimar

Raw Materials and Packaging for the Food Industry. Manufacturers - Exporters - Importers

Rua Praia Vitória Lote 553-r/c
( Loures  -  Santa Iria de Azoia, São João da Talha e Bobadela )
219 943 877
219 555 410